3D model of private house


Just playing around at home, but I think it’s quite good tbh.
Have a look at the quality of my roofs looking like even when zooming in. Were quite impressed!

Let me know what you think

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Very nice work! How many images did you end up with? Even in the alley there’s good modeling of the car and RV. Allot of textures here. I love the mossy old world!

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172 images were used. Did one DD mission (took about 2 minutes of flying ) and a bit of the DJI POI and free flying.
All together was only about half an hour! :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Great model! Can you be a little more specific on the POI mission and free flight shots you took to go along with the DD mission. Were any ground shots taken? Thanks so much for the clarity and again, great model!!!



Hey tony,

I’ll try to explain a bit.
First I did the DD Mission about the area I wanted to have. Had about 30m/90foot of height and used crosshatch as well. After finishing the 2 minutes flight I took the free flying pictures.
No ground images were taken.
While free flying I normally use POI of the Go4 app and enable the function for taking pictures every 2 seconds.
So I can make sure that the overlap is almost the same the whole time.
And when I cant use POI I am just enabling the tripod mode for having it as calm as possible and fly very very slow. Still capturing images every two seconds.

In the end I uploaded it using the construction mode, as it makes sense having a lot of edges and corners.

That’s basically it.
Thanks for the nice words :+1:t2:

And of course don’t use any Zoom, if you have the possibility to do so.
It’s also very important that you don’t have any horizon on your images. It will screw your model, for sure.
Let me now if you have any more questions. :slight_smile: best regards

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Your .jpg looks VERY nice, but I would appreciate if you could share the 2D/3D model so I could have a real look!

How many pictures taken automatic and how many flying with 2s interval?

How big & high area covered?

Have a look at the top post, this link should allow you to have a proper look.

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Thanks, perfect result!!