As-Bulit Structure Scans - Exterior and Interior

Hi guys,

I’ve been using DD for a while now, mainly for nadir mapping missions, I’ve dambled in a few structure scans but only simple buildings.

Recently I’ve got a new job with a consulting Engineering company as their Senior Struct Designer, they do civil, structural, mechanical and land development.

Speaking to the civil and land dev guys was great, drone imagery and DD is a no brainer. However for the structural guys it’s a little more of a challenge. They’re keen on scans of existing buildings and structures, both the external and in some cases the internal.

I’ve used Autodesk Recap plenty and my results have always been ‘ok’, not great. It’s a good tool and doesn’t need images to be geotagged for processing so works fine indoors, however the outputs aren’t brilliant.

My question to DD and to the community is does a DJI multicopter and DD have a proven workflow for producing high quality structure scans of both the exterior and interior of buildings? Is it possible to say detach the camera off an Inspire 2 and use the handheld unit for extra images inside or around undercover areas of a structure? I’d like to be able to import the processed point cloud into Revit for further development.

Your comments, insights and examples would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Not something that I’ve heard others successfully do.

Certainly is something we’ll see in the next couple of years though!