Tesoro Sections 2 & 4

Here is a map of the asbuilt survey we did yesterday for a subdivision we recently completed. The mission was done with 8 GCPs and 20 checkpoints using the Emlid Reach RS2 on the RTKNET CORS service. All analysis of the checkpoints, field stakeout verification and proposed surface model was within the 0.10ft construction tolerance! A testament to GPS machine control including our new GPS curb machine and a precise VDC Team.



DTM from Carlson Precision 3D

CAD Overlay from Bluebeam Revu


360 Walk(Drive)throughs complete.

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What 360 camera are you using? I have the insta360 and the GPS path comes in way off, straight roads sometimes have huge bends in it.

The Insta360 One R Twin. It has the 360 lense and the 5.7k action lense. They get a little pricey but luckily I had a good job to cost it to. I did see a used one on B&H Photo’s site under $400.

wow looks great the amount of detail is crazy!