Medical Office - My First 3D

Took a couple of flyovers, but with a little practice we all get better.

Link removed by moderator. Please use the new link the OP will post below.

Lookin’ good! Keep at it. Can you share settings and how you flew it?

Also, I removed your link because when I clicked on the link it took me into annotations and I accidentally deleted one of the Count annotations before I realized what was going on. I had to back out before I could get to the 3D model. Please try posting another Share link while in the 3D model viewer.

@Andrew_Fraser, could you look into this? I was not even logged in and could edit his annotations…

Thank you, That would have been bad. I thought the linc was view only. I just started with DD but thought i would share. I am using DD for Commercial Construction so I’m just looking to make my job easier…LOL

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I’m glad we caught it quickly!

What is your use-case? independent flying for construction or do you work for a construction company? I fly internally, but our company also provides services to other contractors and surveyors. Feel free to PM me any time. I’ve been flying for surveying and construction for about 4.5 years and would be happy to help where I can.

I had that same thing come up, was testing a share link and incognito and I could edit the count feature. Wondered what was going on.

Do you recall if you were editing or not in the base 2D or 3D menu at the time you shared?

I don’t remember, I could have been. Just seems a little weird I can’t eve let clients measure stuff when I share unless they have an account but they can edit my counts?

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