Four sq mile mapping?

Ok, set up a 2560 acre mapping (four square miles). First can DD produce one mapping that large, or will it need to be broken into sections?

This will be flown with an Inspire 2, 15mm lens from 300 feet giving a 0.8 in resolution.

I’ve never done a mapping this large so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just from a mockup that is almost 12 hours of flight and while DroneDeploy can process it I don’t think you will be able to export it unless you do a lower resolution. I would suggest quading it or breaking it up into manageable sites from location where you can maintain VLOS. If you have a KML of the master site I would love to take a look. PM me if you prefer.

The way to export is to process groups of flight and bring them into QGIS. From there you can overlay them and export the master. I hope you’ve got a strong computer.

Thank you for your reply. I would most definitely map this in sections, most likely about 150 acres at a time and then move to next location.
The largest mapping I have done was UC Merced 160 acres, I split that in to two sections moving from one to the next for the very purpose of VLOS.

Have a main frame for processing.