Maximum AGL

In the U.S. we are restricted to 400ft AGL or in some cases above the object being surveyed. From some searches on the internet I do not see anywhere in the world that allows any higher than that, but I am sure there is some place. What are the limits in your country? I see allot of posts about people flying over 400ft (121m) and wondered where these places are. In any case, suggested AGL for drone mapping is normally 200-300ft AGL.

Curious to see where you’ve been seeing people flying over 400 ft, @MichaelL. Is it mostly from a particular city or country?

I’m mostly referencing post here on DroneDeploy and I don’t know where many of these people are from. I know that 26 ft (80m) is a sweet spot for me but I regularly see people 50m over that…

Technically, you could fly 1,500 ft if it is over the top of an 1,100 ft skyscraper. You can fly 400 feet over the top of structures if you remain within a 300ft radius if I recall off the top of my head. You can’t do that though if you are in the FAA Facility Map. Surprised how few people know this. I wouldn’t recommend it though unless it’s a very calm day and even then you need to check wind speed forecast at the target altitude as it can be night and day compared to ground wind speed.

Thanks for the additional clarification for the newbies. My post was regarding ground.