3D map creation

Hi! One partner asks if the program can create a 500,000-square-foot downtown 3D model? Is it feasible? If so, would anyone help with what the settings would be? Thank you!

11 acres is very achievable. I just completed a 200 acre site with a 12 acre concrete paddock.

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Thank you Michael!
I thought 5,000,000 sqm

Well, that size is pushing a quad, but I have done just over 1000ac (4,000,000 sqm) in one day. Yours would take about 15 batteries, but depending upon your local regulations on VLOS may take 3 or 4 different launching positions so you could shoot it over 3 days with 5 batteries. That’s at 300ft which is pushing it for a P4P or M2P.

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My other question would be if they made a 3D model of the area, they wanted to make an animation out of it! Possible? My question may be a little silly, but I haven’t come across one yet.

I do Phantom4 advanced!

Animation can be done in various programs, but most of them require licensing. My favorite is Autodesk Navisworks, but there is also Pix4D and uploading and animation to Sketchfab.

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Yes Michael, I know it’s license dependent! Would you make the 500,000 sqm area 300 ft high Michael? This work, how much is it worth? Can you give me some suggestions?

I just did 150ac (607,00sqm) at 250ft with 80/65 overlaps and it took right at 3 batteries. It really depends on what the end goal of the map is for. A simple map is one thing, but if your are to deliver a really sharp 3D model and data like the point cloud then that is another thing. This is why I typically charge an hourly rate. I think it is the most fair and accurate. If we have a contract for many maps then we can look at a lump sum. A 500,00sqm map should take about 3-4 hours of total time so it depends on what you want to make and what the drone economy is in your area. It’s a tough balance because you want to make money, but not price yourself out and at the same time you don’t want to undercut your fellow pilots too much.