How big is too big?

Hi everyone,

This may sound odd. But my team and I are in the process of planning to carry out a map that would be 700 Hectares. (1700 acres) is anyone on here crazy enough to have done something this large? We have two phantom 4 pro’s with 8 batteries. Hoping to get it done over two days. The plan would be to do maps of 100 hectares each. would it be possible to merge the final 7 maps into an absolutely giant one?

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Hello @Nehuen we did 1700 hectares this week. It is for 2D only so we flow it with 40% lateral overlap. Took 2 days flying, 2 P3A and we have 18 batteries. We flow it at 200m.

The problem with a map that large is it takes forever to interact with it due to it’s size and memory issues. If you move to look at another area it may take 30 seconds to a minute or more to reprocess.
You’re better off working with smaller sections to be able to interact quickly.

Also, if the sky conditions change over the two days, the different areas of the map may process a little different - so it may be better to keep them in sections.

@Gary that is true. Se got a cloudy day and a shany day and the pictures look different.