Single mapping using 2 drones

I got a short notice mapping job that is going to be 538 acres. I’m a little worried my 4 inspire batteries might not be enough and I really don’t have time to order more. If needed can I switch to my Phantom 3 Pro and finish the map?

Hey @Robert_Stekeur,

First nice size job!

You should be able to in a pinch, but since the camera attributes (eg: FOV and sensor) are going to be different they may have stitching issues. i would suggest breaking the map into smaller maps processing them and then feeding the processed maps into a large map process. At least this way it should minimize any peculiarity from the two different cameras. I would not upload photos from two cameras to the same map unless i had no other choice. Once the data is processed the dense point clouds should be able to be joined with minimal error.

If you have GCP you might consider using them as this will help ensure the multiple maps align properly. I am curious as to how this will turn out let us know!

Scott Lashmit

Thanks Scott, If needed and I hope not I create 2 maps export the 2 and create a 3rd?

That is my understanding of the process, DroneDeploy will let you upload GeoTiff files, however i was jsut reading that those will not contain the elevation data:

I would say give it a try, and if you need to do the merging of maps toss a quick email to and see what they say is the best practice for this. They may even know of a better way to get a high quality result.