Phantom 4 V2.0

I am about to buy a Phantom 4 V2.0 for the main purpose of mapping using dronedeploy. I am buying non-smart controls to go with the drones. Am going to have a good experience or should be worried in terms workability with the dronedeploy app or processing system or support. Please I need an immediate advice. Thanks.

What kind of mapping are you hoping to do?

Mapping about 50 acres of land to establish Watershed area and to showcase gully Erosions in the terrain as well to determine the Topography of the land.

Ok, great! Seems like pretty typical usage. If you stay below 400 acres I think you would be well served with a P4P v2 and DroneDeploy. It is by far the most popular mapping drone so pretty much every mapping software will work with it. For that kind of work DroneDeploy is definitely the best in class. Where you start to get outside of DroneDeploy’s wheelhouse is when you start doing more building and structure focused work. They really don’t have any flight planning for inspections and vertical structures and even their structure processing mode is pretty limited when it comes to making really tight 3D models. There are other softwares (which also work with the P4’s) that are better at that kind of workflow.

The P4P with standard RC is a great choice. I would suggest you look at the Map Pilot mission app for superior control of the drone and camera, especially if operating in non-flat terrain. You can still process with DroneDeploy if that is your plan.