Processing >5000 images in a single map


I am working on a project where we will be capturing 12k images in one area and 24k images in another. The client requires the output orthomosaics of each area in single maps. Does droneploy offer a solution for this as part of its enterprise custom pricing package?

How much area are you capturing? With that number of images I am guessing about 6000 acres…

What image overlaps?

What resolution does the client expect?
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The first area is about 3500 acres and the second one is 6500 acres. 75% overlaps, 3 cm/px.

By those figures you’re probably going to have more like 47k images at the height you’ll need to fly for 3cm resolution.

This might help. It may also allow you to split up your mission into more manageable pieces then put it back together.

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Thanks. Let me recheck the numbers.

I suppose that the global accuracy of each map needs to be very high for the merge to work?

GCP’s would definitely help, which is why you see markers on quad-maps. I don’t think it is necessary as the local (relative) accuracy between the flights should be pretty close. You are dealing with the 1-3m accuracy of the drone at that point though, especially when flying over several days and you might get slightly different GPS conditions.

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