Large mapping job

I just about to start a 5000 acre mapping job for a forestry company. I know that I will fly in several flights, but can I upload all photos at the same time to get one large map? there will be about 20,000 photos.


Sounds like a nice job, congrats! You normally can’t process that many photos at once but if it’s not something you do all the time I bet you could contact support and see what you could work out. That said, there are ways to combine data outside of DroneDeploy. The one I would recommend is QGIS. It’s very easy to open up multiple orthos and combine them. As long as they are geo-referenced from the same datum they will line up. You can then export a master map.

What do they want from the survey results? An ortho?
If so, download QGIS, fly several smaller blocks and upload seperately. Then join together VERY easily in QGIS. (download a Geotiff from Dronedeploy).
If you go this route, reply and I’ll give you a quick hand.


Thank you. Let me some of the flying done