Combining your maps?

In DD business plan, is there a way to combine your maps, For example, I had to fly a site 3 different times to capture the entire site?
When I got to the first processed site and hit upload it creates a new map, it’s not adding to the one already created, it’s making a new one with a side-by-side comparison.

Hope this makes sense…?


Just pick one of the flights to upload all of the images to and delete the other two. You’ll have to redefine the boundary.

Its like 8000 photos, business plan only will process 3000 at a time

That definitely makes a difference :wink: , the only free way I can think of to expect any accuracy is QGIS. It can combined your point cloud data and/or contours as well but I never really got that deep into it because we have other tools for that. Main thing is that it is super easy to combine orthos and put them out at whatever quality you want. I have seen 2in/px 4-5x the size of anything DroneDeploy outputs which like their point clouds are kept to a manageable level by the public and what their servers can handle.

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Whats that other software you use? I know it can do large maps

I hoping this client will exet 3 different orthos and has his own way or software to combine them, but if he dont, Im looking for a plan B

We do the orthos in QGIS. It’s the elevation related we do in Carlson Precision 3D.

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