2 differents maps

Hi all!
How i can to watch several maps in the same time in the same project?

If the maps are in close proximity you might be able the Side-By-Side app in the DroneDeploy App Market. Otherwise it would be best to use a solution like QGIS to create a master map. I would highly recommend learning some basic QGIS skill as it is drone (aerial) data is one of the primary data sources that GIS programs are designed to handle.

Yeah if QGIS wasn’t broken right now lol. You can’t load an ortho to save your life!

Hi Sam, I don’t understand what u mean.

It was more in a response to Michael’s post. The latest QGIS update is having trouble loading large rasters.

but it usually works, right?
I tried a small project and it works fine.

What Sam is referring to is the last two updates seem to be having loading issues for some people. It has taken me 2 to 3 attempts just to get it to open recently. Then with no changes it opens fine. Large orthos 500mb+ have been lagging to the point that we have had to create triangles just to smoothly operate when that did not have to be done previously. I completely uninstalled using Revo making sure to remove all cache and settings and it seems to be working better now. I have had it installed for a while and gone through at least 10 updates so it was probably time for a cleanup anyhow.

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