Combining projects into one

I recently flew some fields using DD. In some cases, I flew a single field in multiple plans because of the shape of the field. For example, one field was L-shaped. There was a long piece running north/south and another east/west. By splitting it into two different flight plans/projects, I was able to keep the drone moving in an efficient manner - making long passes parallel to the long axis of the field.

However, in the end, I wan to process one map. How can I combine these?


Depending on your plan level and the number of images you can do a manual upload (not using the slot from the flight plan) and upload all the images at once. You will need to define the perimeter (processing area) manually because I have found that when leaving the default large box around an oddly shaped subject processes much slower.
As an alternative you can use QGIS to stitch the map together once they are processed separately. I am flying a 10-mile roadway that I split into 10 1-mile sections for easier management and VLOS purposes and when I want to full map we view it in QGIS. They become memory hogs and can shutdown a machine quickly outside of GIS software. Also, and hopefully something that DroneDeploy @Andrew_Fraser @Jamespipe is working on is the ability to download large maps. This was actually the initial reason why I split it up because once it hits a certain size (that they won’t tell me or don’t know) it will not download. Even in tiles.

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10-4. Thank you. I learned GIS in ArcMap but never picked up QGIS… gonna have to learn. I found it confusing and not as intuitive as Arc but I understand it’s a free and powerful tool.

I have been doing what you suggested by the way and it works. However, for one farm, I DID upload the images under a large rectangle boundary. All the images were processed to their full geographic extent. The range of “plant health” now includes tree and roadway. I believe it affects what I see in the field. Is there a way to trim the boundaries of my processed map inside of DD or must I go to QGIS?

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You should be able to go into Map Details and Crop after the fact, but I’m not sure this is going to affect what you are looking for. I know that it does not effect the 3D space so the model and point cloud always look ugly with unfinished edges and little overlaps, but affecting the orthomosaic and what is visible on the elevation scale so I’m assuming it may affect the plant health later as well.