Combining multiple fields into single map

Sorry if this is a newbee question. I’m starting out and will be flying farms that are composed of multiple small fields (100-200 acres). I’d like to combine the results into a single map, taking multiple analysis results rather than uploading all images to a single analysis. I will also have different farms that I’d like to bring together into a larger map, several ‘000s of acres.

Basically, I would like to end up with a map of the regional area that I can use to discuss with cooperative members reviewing the results from multiple farms as a single analysis.

In combining these files I would like to have a common elevation point, preferably sea level, so the elevation flow can be viewed across large areas, multiple farms. This will allow me to review plant health in relation to elevation and flow across fields.

Here is my question - Can this be done in DD or do I need to export to a separate CAD? If I have to export, do you have a recommended CAD for this purpose?

So little time, so much to learn.

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