Large 740 acre map (and growing) with my Mavic Air and DroneDeploy

This week I concluded a 740 acre map with my Mavic Air, composed of 16 missions flew at about 300 ft (about 3000 images). It took about 1 & 1/2 days plus processing.
Noe my problem is how to stich all 16 maps (missions) together. I tried with GSIS but apparently my computer isn’t fast enough because it is too slow to visualize. I am looking for a more efficient way to merge all maps to have a general picture and being able to visualize it faster.
The best scenario would be to have a master map in DD but haven’t foud the way to do it. I know that I can’t upload all 3000 images into one map but my DD plan just allow 1000 pics per map.
Any ideas?

You could convert the geotif to map tiles.

I think @MichaelL said that this option is also available in DD but I don’t know if it is available with all plans.

Yes, it should be possible in all accounts. Just select the radio button for tiled when exporting.

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Tiled export is available in all plans.


Great!!! I’ll try it right now

El El dom, 17 de feb. de 2019 a las 11:38, Dave via DroneDeploy Forum escribió:

give globalmapper a try - worked like a treat.

I just went through this process with a 1000 acre map. I flew 5 missions to capture all 1000 acres and then imported each ortho into QGIS. Once they are all loaded in QGIS I exported the complete map to a PDF. In my opinion, it is easier to view the PDF than scrolling through the image in QGIS due to the refresh rate. HTH.


Most excellent. Same here. Even good for overlaying different time frames against each other. I like it better than the Side-By-Side app because you can get a full map.

I’m still learning here - I flew a mission and missed part of the tract, so I went back and flew that section. How do I do this to merge the two into one ? Thanks.

As long as you’re not worried too much about grade and then you should be able to just re-upload everything at once. Because of the conditions and different GPS positions you will probably get a little bit of a shift, but the map should stitch fine.

Thanks! Worked well, but with slow internet, time consuming!

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