Map size restriction

Hi. I have a 500 hectare project and it looks like i will have to divide it up as it will require 2200 images and the pro plan limits to 1000 per map. Q: Can you stitch the maps together after processing?

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I’ve had to manually do that before with GIMP so i appreciate you thinking to ask the question!

Hello @Grizz

Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, with your current plan, you will not be able to combine these maps. You are more than welcome to combine them in a third party program when you export them depending on the file types you are permitted within the Pro Plan.


In light of that I would reiterate that GIMP would be a good (free) solution. It is a powerful graphics editor similar to Photoshop. I would be happy to do a web meeting to show you what I have been doing. Message me if you are interested.

Gimp or QGIS (free) will stitch them. QGIS will overlay adjoining Geotiffs and line them up.

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Hey that’s great to hear there is a way around the 1000 image limit. I havnt flown the big mapping project yet so can’t wait to see how it turns out. Thanks team.