Limit on number of images for generating maps

Perhaps someone can point us to documentation or a forum topic that already covers this. We were unable to locate it in our searches.
We mapped 40+ acres of a wetland preserve in two separate flights resulting in over 1K images total, based on the frontlap & sidelap settings and flight altitude. We learned a few things:

  1. we need to push the boundary of the planned map out beyond the target mapping area so that we get more “context” for the areas of interest.
  2. We need to generate a single combined map to allow the biologists the ability to browse the entire mapped area, and capture images for the scientific presentations to colleagues.
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Hi @Topsight,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy community. You can find more info on the limit of images per map over on our Pricing page.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


The width of the field of view on your camera, the front overlap and the altitude at which you are flying affect the number of pictures the drone will take. This document may help in some areas.

Thanks, Gary and Christina! I’ll follow those leads.
Brian Moore
Topsight Imaging

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