More than 1,000 photos -?

Hello, I just flew a flew field that was 120 acres at around 245 feet. I have a Sentera camera add on so i ended up with closer to 2,000 photos. Are we always going to be limited to less than 1,000 photos?

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Im using the sentera sensor as well and was wondering the same thing. can you submit the first half and then the second giving you 2 side by side maps?

Thanks for your feedback- the 1000 photo limit is in place currently as we scale up our systems to reliably produce very large maps. We’re putting the infrastructure in place and getting things together, and will keep everyone updated.


Yeah that does work with the Drone Deploy system splitting it into 2. I want to take the GeoTiff to execution though, for example making a side-dress UAN fertilizer prescription for Iowa fertilizer this spring. Having as 2 fields makes that part a little more difficult.

So that was in March. It’s now late September. Does the 1000 image limit still apply as this could be a showstopper for me using DroneDeploy with my Sentera sensor.

It’s only a limit with the pro subscription.

hi @qlddrones - the image max varies by your tier of subscription. Please see here for a comparison of features.

Which sensor type and algorithm do you use in drone deploy