Exceeding Photo / Data Limit

I recently completed a mission over a large parcel of land. I am using the free “Explorer” account. It appears that free accounts are currently limited to 1GB and 500 images. I unknowingly took 712 images for a total of 3.45GB.

The photos have been uploaded and my dashboard says “Processing - Expected in 7 Hours”. It has been stuck on that for the last 14 hours. I never received any warnings, however, that I have exceeded my capacity limits and that the map would not be completed.

What happens when you exceed the photo and/or data limits? Since I have exceeded the photo and data limits, is the progress simply stopped, or is it actually processing?

It sounds like DroneDeploy may be able to compress the images in order to meet the data limit. I just want to know if I should continue to wait or if I should give up hope. Unfortunately, a paid account is not an option at the moment.

That’s a pretty large map and depending on subject matter, may take awhile. I’d ride it out to the end of the day and see what happens.

You’re right, it ended up processing and looks great. This was my first large map, so I had expected to see a progress bar or something. Thanks!

Yes, I uploaded in free account 525 images and got right. But another time it get stuck in 500 max photos, I don’t know why.