First Attempt!


My first attempt to use DroneDeploy. Software works great and drone did its job, it even landed back at exactly the same spot that it took off! Better than the DJI does hahaha

Anyway, trying to make my first map but the data is taking hours to process! Its only 400 photos and has said 6 hours processing for the past 8 hours !

Whats gone wrong?



Hi @Dunk,

Congrats on completing your first map! I hope you’ll continue making more. I’m sorry to hear that your map took longer than expected to process. I just checked up on it and see that it was completed. Please let me know if you have any other issues.


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That’s not bad turnaround time. 400 photos*7mb per photo is 2.8 GB of imagery to process, right? Sometimes stuff finishes ahead of schedule but that seems reasonable to me. I’ve done 1500 image maps that took only slightly longer than that and some take a full day.