Waiting since 21:00 last night


I uploaded several hundred images (2.7gb) to DroneDeploy yesterday and since then it has been telling me on my dashboard that my image will be ready within 7 hours.

Any idea if I have done something wrong ?

Many thanks


Hi @pcrouch666,

Sorry to hear your map is taking longer to process. I checked on your “Laswern” map and it seems there’s a processing delay due to the number of perimeter shots captured:

One thing to note is that 3D Mode is not recommended for large areas such as the one you mapped. It is optimized and designed for single point of interests or structures, such as a house, building, or statue. That being said, please do not enable 3D Mode for large fields as it will cause problems and/or delays with processing. Your map should complete later today, but please feel free to check in with us for a status update if you do not receive a completion email within the next 12 hours.


Many thanks Stephanie your answer has helped a lot. I will wait for the map to finish processing and in the future I will take your advice.

Thank you again


Still making maps? Did you ever have any luck with your upload?