More than 6 hour processing?

Hi, my project has been more than 7 hours processing and it contains 254 pictures.
When I first have tried to upload the photos I had 255 of them, but I got to upload only 254, I have tried it for 3 times, but no luck. And after I’ve deleted one and uploaded all new set (254) succesfully.
Is there anything wrong with it?

Hi Antonio- I just checked, and this is still running. If it does have an issue, we’ll be automatically notified and look into it further. Appreciate your patience!


I’ve just checked and the mission failed. Can you have a look?

My recent missions also had very long processing times. > 3 hours. Some of the imagery was not so good, approximately 88% was of good quality. Perhaps that was the issue.

12 hours ago I’ve updated the same images to another mission and this one has just failed again.
Previously I’ve had missions with more images and never failed. What’s the problem?

Hi @antonio - we’ve created a support ticket for this map and sent you an email.