Maximum data upload

As I’ve almost completed my one month free trial with seven days left, I tried to upload a 3-D map. I got a notice that stated there was a 500 photo Max. I was only trying to upload 380 photos for a 3-D map. It wouldn’t let me do it. My question is, am I doing something wrong? Will the paid version let me upload more data then I’m trying to upload now? I need to know what my capabilities are going to be If I get started with the paid version of drone deploy.
Any information I can get on the minimum and maximum amount of photos or data that can be uploaded for a 3-D map would be appreciated.
Thank you!

hi @Derrick

The Structures mode for 3D modeling is limited to 500 images across the board on each tier. This is a limitation we have in place to keep these maps from timing out.

For other maps processed in Terrain, you can map 1000 images on Pro, and 3000 images per map on Business. Any questions on this, please reach out to

thank you ! :slight_smile: