UAV Data processing

Hi Everyone’
I have more then 30,000 images can anyone help me the processing for that.

Please suggest me System configuration, Software and process

Sourav Datta

You cannot process 30,000 images at one time on DroneDeploy and stay within their standard limits: 5,000 with an Enterprise plan, 3000 with Business plan and 1000 with Pro plan. But you can do them in sections and then combine the resulting maps in QGIS. Or you can contact DroneDeploy to work out a custom plan for processing all 30,000 at once since they have processed up to 70,000 in the past.

An alternative is to process them yourself but to do all 30,000 at one time will require a computer with 128 GB of memory using Agisoft Metashape at a medium quality setting and a good GPU like NVIDIA GTX 1080 ti. Also a good CPU like an 18-core Intel i9 - 9980XE would be helpful. This would entail a significant cost.

For all 30,000 images together, how much memory storage do they take? Are the images for one site? Do you need to process all the images for this site or can you eliminates some around the edges?


@souravdatta and @SolarBarn

In November, we processed a 70,000 image map for the Camp Fire relief efforts. With large and detailed datasets, the sky is the limit when processing with DroneDeploy.

We do have standard image-count limits per-tier, so when you have a dataset that goes outside of our standard limits, please feel free to email us at and we’ll work out a plan to process your data.


Thanks Mr. Adam for replying,

Can you share the system configuration for it.

If you process in batches you can easily combine the separate maps in QGIS. All you have to do is open them, pick your projection and export.


@souravdatta Please feel free to email or contact your sales rep with the request and we’ll be happy to move forward on this.