A few general questions and advice for mapping offline?

Hello, I am new to mapping and Drone Deploy, and I am hoping to get clarification and guidance on how best to map offline and capture the best photos possible. I haven’t had a lot of time to practice with the software and will be heading out of Internet service soon to do the mapping, so if anyone has answers to the following questions that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  1. Can you “make available offline” more than 10 maps on one account? I would like to have more than 10 plans, but I couldn’t find any information on upgrades/prices that would allow more than 10 maps. Would I need to create a second Pro account to get 20 total offline maps, and use two separate devices in the field, logged into the two separate accounts?
  2. The documentation recommends 75% and 65% overlaps for side and front, but for low altitude maps to have more overlap. What altitude would that be? I want to create some maps as low altitude as possible (30 feet seems to be the minimum), so should those have more overlap? The terrain is grass/beach/water, fairly level.
  3. The documentation also said “when you’re back online, allow device to sync to its servers for 10 minutes before quitting the app.” I’m going to be offline for a week, and will be flying the drone for mapping various days/times throughout. Does this just mean don’t close out of the app before returning to service?
  4. I am wanting to map a larger area, around 160 acres, and then create more detailed maps within that area. I set up a Project, and then have an “Overview” map at 320 feet, and then eight maps at the lowest elevation possible, 20-70 feet, to get details of the terrain at specific locations that are about an acre each. And then a few maps planned around 140-170 feet that are a few acres. I was also thinking to take some still images at 10 feet and add that as additional imagery to the detail maps - does anyone know if I can compile these maps, at various altitude levels, to create one map (that might be a software-specific question, but any guidance or thoughts would be appreciated!).
  5. Can I process/compile the maps without Internet? It seems like I’ll have to take all the images, organize the image files by Plan, and then return to service to render the maps, but I just wanted to double-check. It would be nice to see how the maps turn out while I have time to re-do them.
  6. Lastly, just wanted to confirm that I can make changes to the offline maps while in the field because the satellite imagery is low res, so I may need to adjust in the field a bit and just wanted to be sure. The documentation said location data near the map is cached to the device, and I have tested offline and it seemed to work fine, but once I’m out of service I can’t ask so I wanted to confirm now.

Thank you for any guidance on these topics, and for the confirmation about probably a lot of basic information.