3D Mapping for max detail

I wanted to create a 3D map of my house which was as accurate as it could be.

I did a fly-by of my house at 30m and I was looking for more details. I dropped the drone down much lower and took LOTS of photos. I have a lot of trees on my compound and so I went under them and continued around lots of the areas which are normally hard to see from 30m up. Because my compound is on a slope, several of the images would have been taken at a negative altitude, when compared to it’s home point. When it came to uploading, Drone Deploy only uploaded 108 photos out of the 500 that I took and refused to do anymore.

Is it because of the low altitude, the negative altitude or is something else in play?

Hi @MarkD,

I’ve sent you a private message requesting more information about your DroneDeploy account and map ID. Please respond directly to the private message by accessing your inbox via the forum.