Sharing Maps with Clients and Multiple Site Visits?

Sorry to be asking such basic questions. I’ve had a look on the Support pages but haven’t been able to find the answers to the questions I’ve got.

When I share a map with a client and they have a free account… do they have access to ALL the tools I have because I have a paid account and I’m the uploader of the original dataset?

When you visit a site multiple times to do updates to a survey what do you do with the data set… Do you create a new project or can you add the new data set to the original project? If it’s added to the original data set can the two, three, four visits be overlaid and selected with a calendar date option. Or does the latest just kill off the original etc.

Thanks in advance.


That’s a good question I’m eager to know the answer too sorry I don’t have an answer…

From what I imagined if you were doing an update to the previous survey I believe you would just create a new survey. There might be a way to layer previous plans and updated plans on top of one another. Have yet to try it myself

I’ve been comparing Drone Deploy to another service and DD is winning. But the other service has a basic date calendar picker for viewing the surveys. I thought this was good for comparing differences between the site progress.

You just upload a new project. When you visit that area you should be able to select other dates of maps or that same area.

But I’m guessing you would have to share the new project with the client again, I couldn’t link the two so it was seamless for them?

Are you able to screenshot what you’re referring to with the other date maps in the same area. I don’t actually have any to test.

What about side by side maps… do they both show up on a single view if choosing the latter data to view?

I’d like more clarification on sharing with clients and multiple site maps over time too. It would be great to see a list of people (emails) that the map is shared with.

Good idea to have a record of each map sharing- noted!

When you say “side by side” do you mean like a split view down the middle in the browser?
If I’m following what I think you’re saying this is a great idea!

Date selection box at the top of each pane on the screen so you can select a site visit.
And have the two maps linked together so when you move or zoom one it does the same on the other.

This would be great for visual comparison of the site instead of loading mutiple projects full screen.

Yes please make this happen I will love drone deploy that much more