Duplicate data set option

I’m suggesting that there is an option to duplicate a data set. This does not mean masses of server space taken up with duplicated tilesets of rgb, elevation, ndvi etc. This means that you could have multiple project titles that all reference the same original dataset. But link to a different database for pulling the shares and comments.

The reason this is useful is because some sites I want to share with clients and their staff. They want to have all the annotations/comments visble to all for ongoing dialouge on the project. However there might be a client contractor that they want to see the dataset, but not see the comments etc on the annotations. Or they might want to allow them to make their own for their own needs but not populate the “master” project.

Additionally this could also be good to show people a sample site using data obtained by us rather than the demo dataset obtained and provided as examples by drone deploy. Examples shown to potential clients can be written all over without damaging the master project that the actual client has visibility of. With the addition of a purge button to clear all annotations and measurements perhaps so that the demo you’re showing people doesn’t become overwhelmed with trash comments etc.

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