Duplicating a project?

I’d like a client to be able to edit a project without affecting it permanently.
If there’s a backup feature that could work as well.

You would like them to annotate, but not be able to see them on the map?

Creating a sort of copy for them to annotate and edit separate from my own copy is what I would like to do.

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You could upload the map again manually and name it differently then share that one with them?


Thanks for this workaround. Do you work with DD? Or are you a community person who is nice enough to chime in?

I’m just a user. The forum has been extremely helpful so I push it. From what I hear it is about to get more interactive. Hopefully.

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I think you might have responded to another request we made about entering longitude and latitude for a given DD map and I think the response was that that capability, while requested in the past, is not supported. Was that you that responded to our question?


Yep. I have been asking for this for a while so I can import specific points from our surveyors and my GCP’s. More importantly batch import from a CSV. Now that we have other imports of DXF and Shapefiles I don’t know why this would be any different.

Any more tips on how to duplicate a data Set?

I have 4 maps per month for inventory and there is a LOT of annotations on them already. The client wants to have another duplicate of the exact same data set for creating reclamation annotations only.

the maps have all GCP’s and check points, so it would be quite the work to re upload everything and tag GCP’s etc. I had previously uploaded the same maps for them without GCP’s but obviously the heights are off.

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