Side by Side Feature

Greetings DD,

I would love to see DD make the Side by Side “window shade” feature (that allows comparison of maps flown on different dates) available to shared viewers as well as subscribers. We frequently share our maps with stakeholders and, while they can see individual maps from different dates, the window shade feature is disabled to all but paid subscribers.

When I show this to people on my desktop the reaction is a universal, “Wow! That is awesome!”. Then there is disappointment when they find out they can’t see it back at their own office. It is unfortunate that the people who ultimately pay all of our bills (our clients) can’t utilize one of the most impressive capabilities of DD unless they are willing to pay both for our services and a DD subscription. I think all would benefit in increased demand if it were made available to invited viewers too.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


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I believe this may already be coming, but I’ll let them confirm.

This feature is available currently using one of the apps from the app market. The app is called “Side By Side” and it works flawlessly!

Yes but unless I am mistaken, the app is only available to users with paid subscriptions. I would like to see DD incorporate it onto the website so that stakeholders that are invite to share viewing of maps (those without paid subscriptions) can utilize it.

Nope, it’s free as I’m a free user and it works just fine.

It should be freely available. I think it may get baked in at some point.

Jason, thanks for the tip. I have a guest subscription just to check on behavior of sharing functions and I could not get apps icon. I started experimenting and searched apps on DD home page and installed from that home “app” page (not inside the mapping interface). When I went back to the mapping page it was there along with all of the other available apps. Very odd but hey, it worked. I will need to check this further and find the easiest way for guest users to install. I think it really will be the “gee wiz” capability for my clients. My jobs are all construction mapping and for owners/contractors to be able to see progress with a window shade display is something that they will remember and get hooked on.

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