Side by Side Comparison sharing with client

Hello there - I think there still should be a side by side comparison map for clients to view within a shareable link. I am not a large corporation with long ongoing projects but still need the ability for my client to do a comparison from a ‘before and after scenario’. I would think this would be part of the Individual Advanced Plan for analysis reasons and would spawn more repeat clients. There used to be a link I could share that was useable as long as my account was active.

(I see this was a topic back in 2018 but was able to share the comparison link with my client at that time)

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I think that was probably when it was a third party side-by-side app. Now that the functionality is baked in the ability to share it has gone away. It needs to come back!

It looks like the Teams plan is the only one that can share a full project with a non-paid user. We are on the Enterprise plan and cannot even share comparisons. There’s just a whole lot about these plans that don’t really make sense for how we actually use the software.


I agree. This is something I have always wanted as a feature.

I worked in construction management and have switched to flying a drone full time and GM/GC/Client marketing teams are always banging down my door for progress tracking content they can post. A direct link would be huge to showcase what drone deploy does.