Best way to share map with potential clients?

Hi, guys. I am trying to wooo some clients here and I want to share a map with them and have them see all the features. Everything from Orth to 3D and allowing annotations and the like. I am just starting this so this could be big for me and I don’t want to blow it. What is the best way for them to access the map without having them to sign up for DD? Thanks

I’m in this same boat, it seems like there should be a way to give the client full access to the data and annotation options without requiring them to sign up. If they do sign up for a free trial, does the trial never actually activate if they only view and annotate existing maps without creating maps of their own? If so, why not make two separate types of memberships, one type for drone pilots and one for their clients, just to clarify things?

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Hook 'em up with a free copy of DD, then show them everything it can do for them. We use this DD app to show them how they can create printable PDFs from their maps. It’s pretty cool stuff.