Map Overlays Toggle On/Off disabled for free user?

Good Morning DD & Forum,

Big problem that I need some help with…

We are a drone service company providing services for construction companies. Part of our contractual obligation is providing Orthomosaics, measurements, and overlays. All of which until recently were available to view for Free Users via a shareable link… Feb 28th a I flew a mission and uploaded around 8 overlays per the request of the construction company. After the map was finished processing and I got the overlays uploaded, when sharing with our client directly via the link they cannot toggle on/off the overlays anymore… I have to export the same ortho with 8 different maps. That means 8 different emails each file ranging from 300mb to over 800mb… That’s not ok.

Your chat support help has informed me that some users have complained Free Users shouldn’t have the ability to do this???

That’s not alright in my opinion. One of the main reasons we as a company use DD is the robust app market and tools organic to our DD Business subscription. Why not create a setting for us to toggle on/off what sections we want to share with our end clients.

In Summary:

1.) Provide Paid Users to modify share settings for projects being shared to free users
2.) Enable Shareable Link user (End client receiving link from Paid User “Me”) ability to toggle on/off Overlays, Measurements, and Annotations)

This might have something to do with it…