Sharing - difficult process and not all features available

Hi guys,

I’ve just been testing the ‘sharing’ feature by sending a ‘share’ email to one of my other email addresses. A couple of things I noticed where;

1 - It was a difficult process. Firstly I created a new account with a different email address (just like a client would do), then I shared a map with that address. I received an email from DD at my other address saying a map had been shared with me, however when I logged in nothing was showing. Only after I went back to the email and clicked on the ‘map’ text highlighted in blue did the map show up in the map list in my new account. I’ll be sure to give my clients these instructions but it would be great if the map just showed up in their account rather than having to click on the email link as well.

2 - When I was viewing the map using my ‘clients’ test account I could easily view the 2D map as well as the 3D model, plus use the distance and area tools, however when I clicked on the 'plant health and ‘elevation’ tabs or tried to use the ‘volume’ tool it gave me a message that I need to have a paid account in order to view these. To me this seems strange and confusing for a client to see when a map has been shared, perhaps if I had a free account then I would expect this,however I have a paid account therefore my clients should be able to see all features I can see. Am I doing something wrong or is this the case?

Thanks in advance to an explanation on the above.



Hi @TheAeroScout, the first thing I would like to point you to is our documentation here. It goes into details about data sharing.

To your first point, this is intended behavior. In terms of your second point can you please email and include the name of the map so that we can look into this a bit further.

Ok, will do cheers. :slight_smile: