Scan Mode - a la DJI GS PRO


Hi, can we please get “scan mode” like DJI GS PRO has? If you’re not familiar with it, it allows the user to specify a distance that the flight lines will extend beyond the mapping area.

Reasoning being, clients send me a shp file of their vineyard. I import it. The boundaries are tight, right on the very edge of the vines. I need to go out past the end of the vines by about 10 - 15m to avoid stitching errors at the edge of the block.

I could just drag the edges out, but each corner has about 50 markers one under the other, so there is no way I can access the bottom one to move the boundaries - yes I have zoomed all the way in, they are all directly on top of one another.

Help pleeeeeeease.


Like it! It would be nice to have the base of the actual limits, but with the overfly as an option. I’ve used a similar function in another software, but it only did the turnarounds to extend beyond. I would suggest bringing the shapefile in Google Earth to edit, or redraw then import it back in as a KML.