I can't make a zoom in my farm

Hi people! First of all, I’m about to buy a DJI’s drone, because of I want to calculating areas in my farm. But, when I visited drondeploy’s map, I realized I couldn’t make a zoom on the map and that’s a problem to draw the mission I guess.

This is what I see on the map:

A zoom is not possible on the red circle area, what can I do to draw the mission if I don’t have access to the place?

Thanks a lot!

@empire099 You can go to Google Earth and create a shape and export it, convert it and then import it into Drone Deploy:


I just completed a mission this morning using the method. Very easy and quick. My issue was that the base DD map did not have enough resolution for me to identify where a guardrail was on the map. Hope this helps!

Thanks! I’m so grateful! I have watched the link you send me!
But on the other hand and taking advantage of the present message and your kindness, Have you ever used a drone and droneddeploy to calculate areas? Is because I want to know the accuracy of do it by this way.
Thanks again, and sorry for my bad english!

@empire099 I sure have. I currently have the premier plan, so I am not sure if the area and volume measurement tools are in your plan. I have spot checked things and they were right on the mark.

In addition, please feel free to ask as many questions as you have! If I can not help I am sure there are many others here who can.

Excelent! And thanks, I’m gonna do it!

Following your advices, I want to explain to you my situation:
I work in a family business (in crops). We’ve been improving our systems information, storing the data (for example from sampling) in shapes using QGIS. But because of problems calculating area, I decided to look for a Drone to do. I found the new DJI Mavic pro as a solution. But again, what I need is calculating area of plots with good accuracy, and use softwares such as ArcGis to make a bank of information. What can you advice me?

@empire099 I do not use QGIS, only played with it a bit, but my experience with the Drone Deploy system has given me accurate areas to work with. In addition, the software allows you to export multiple file types and information that you shoudl be able to upload into your software.

My only hesitation, if I was in your position, is that my understanding is that Drone Deploy intends to be compatible with the DJI Mavic, but may not be on day one. This means you may have to wait a bit before you can use them together. Also I am not sure the size of your farm and the typical wind conditions in your area, but I am curious of how well the Mavic does in winds and large areas with heavy usage. I have one pre-ordered; however, I plan on continuing to you my fleet of 4 DJI Inspire 1’s for the bulk of my Drone Deploy work. I have 4 DJI P4’s that I use for facility inspections, and there may be a place for the Mavic there for me.

Thanks a lot man! I have been testing a phantom 3 and doing missions with dronedeploy to calculte areas as you advised me, and IS AWESOME!
By the way, I decided to buy the Mavic Pro drone and I did it! Is coming but I don’t know when do I’m gonna take it on my hand!
But in summary, It really works!

Regards, and thanks again for your support!

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Have you used your Mavic with DD?

No I haven’t. Actually, I still don’t have the mavic on my hand. I already have bought it, but it is supposed coming until december. Do you know if somebody else have tested the mavic with dronedeploy?