"Melting" Near Map Edges?

Anybody recognize this effect? It seems to be happening consistently around the edges of my maps. I’m thinking it has something to do with round map boundaries (versus straight boundaries). Anybody else experience this or know how to avoid it?

Phantom 3 Pro on an up to date iPad Mini.

It shouldn’t have anything to do with the drone or the map edges being rounded. You just need to make sure to get a good amount of photos at a decent altitude of that area. You should try increasing front and sidelap. It would also be helpful if you want to reduce this to get more oblique images around the area. These also look like trees which can be a bit more difficult to stitch.

There is not enough overlap on the edges for accurate mapping, make sure you have plenty of overlap for the area you want to map. The edges are always going to be dodgy.

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We see this on some of our maps. It’s generally due to insufficient number of image details for that area (ie not enough images for that area).

You can increase you lapping and I also widen out the boundary on my flight plan

I’ve read that the stitcher needs 6-10 copies of the area in order to stitch well.

One final thing to note elevation difference change the lapping also, so alway try n fly from the highest point in your area

And finally again. Trees are very problematic, because trees at the edge of the photos are viewed obliquely and therefore the stitcher has problems matching them up image to image (ie a single tree looks different from image to image.

It’s a must to fly at the max 400 foot, and even then it sometimes doesn’t work

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Thanks for this CP. I’d love to fly at max alt but I need extremely high detail of objects on the ground, and so have to strike a balance between detail quality and stitching quality.

You can try, but we just spent 2 weeks working thru this same issue. Resolution is important, but if you don’t get a stitch, it’s all for naught. Resolution at 400 feet is 2 in/px at 200 feet (AGL) it’s 1 in/px.

I can give you a few suggestions if you want to take this offline