Maximum Area Restriction?

I was flying a 300 acre plot today and got an error message stating that the area selected exceeds the maximum area allowed. I’m sorry I don’t have the exact verbage, but it seemed to imply that I can’t make a play that exceeds a certain size. I’m not sure why this is a restriction when multiple batteries are obviously used in this one flight plan. Reducing the size of the plan fixed the issue and I was able to complete the scan. On this particular farm I can stand in one spot to scan 300 acres without much issue. Theoretically I should be able to scan a plot of any size I want. I just need to make sure I have the batteries, and stay within radio signal of the drone. Is this restriction in place for a specific reason that I’m not thinking of?

Also, when planning flights I’m getting a message saying that the aircraft altitude is too high. Reducing the planned altitude works to fix this, but I’m unsure of why this would be a restriction also? Does this have something to do with the overlap settings or motion blur?

This is a setting you can control in DJI Go. We are updating our app to provide a clearer message to users so they know to go to DJI Go to control their max altitude and radius.

That makes a lot of sense, I would have never thought to look in the other app. Any word on the maximum scan area?

You should be able to get to around 2-3 km squared until you start to reach the drones limits I would assume.

I don’t believe it’s a restriction of the drone. Using another app with the same drone I was able to map 1,200 or so acres with one map plan. I had to reposition myself a couple of times to ensure I was within a safe operating distance to the drone, but it wasn’t too bad.

I was referring to the 2-3km being reasonabe due to the connection to the drone. If you’re moving around it should be fine to be larger.