Corridor mapping

I flew a map of some property this morning. I did the double grid, etc. so I can (hopefully) get the best image possible.

After mapping that, I also had a ‘corridor’ map I wanted to fly, specifically where the river runs behind the property. I think it was only going to be around 65 photos? But for some reason at around taking the 35 photo (estimated) the drone just stopped. There was no reason that popped up. There was definitely nothing in the way. Only thing I might have messed it up was making the corridor to narrow? I put it on… I want to say 25 ft wide so it was just a small size, but the map for the done should have kept going.

Anyone else have this issue before? TYIA.


I can’t think of a reason that would happen especially if you just completed a map before it. I think you might be onto something with the 25ft width. Assuming you run at 200ft with a 65% sidelap I wouldn’t have the corridor width any less than 100ft but you can slightly adjust it to get the flight lines exactly where you want them. You are capturing about 218ft whether you need it or not and the more narrow a flight gets the more subject it is to tilting. Are you using any kind of control on the ground? GCP’s or Checkpoints.

No control points or anything, anywhere. It was the first time I’d even tried it. I did have it scrunched down just so I could make sure that the line stayed pretty much in the middle of the river. That was probably my issue. I’ll have to try again on something else like a dirt road or something. Thanks, bud!

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Ahh, so when you forced the width down it allowed it to do one line. I have never gone below 100ft because that our standard ROW but I know it only goes by even numbers after that. I would try to reproduce it a couple of times so you can contact contact support to see if it’s even supposed to be able to do that and is a bug. I wouldn’t trust the accuracy of a single line at all but you might have stumble across something that could be very useful.

Sometimes we are on sites where the limits of the available flight area is very restricted so we run a single line around the perimeter with Litchi. Would be cool to do it in DroneDeploy and daisy chain it. Give us gimble control and you’ve got something!