New Linear Flight

Good morning All! As many of you have heard the DroneDeploy team is beginning work on new Linear flight planning that will become part of the main interface instead of being a 3rd party app as it is now. I am interested to hear what your primary use would be and if you have any ideas that you think would be a big benefit. We have a list of possibilities which I think should cover it well, but reinforcement and other use cases will help the success!

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Are we able to have the ability to set out a centreline (for an easement) and set a width of that easement to capture?


Yes and that is already how the existing 3rd party app works - just not very reliably. This thread is for the new one being designed now that will be a native part of DroneDeploy.

Thanks Michael, when do we expect it to be available?
One thing, as heights alters along a linear investigation area, is there a method for the drone to maintain a consistent height?

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Can’t quite say as the beta just started up. The current app does not have terrain following, but the new plan should.