Running Drone Deploy with inbuilt screen on controller

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Newcomer here. Our organization recently bought a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 along with a controller that came with an integrated screen. We have not been able to upload Drone Deploy flightplans to the controller. I have read elsewhere in this forum that Drone Deploy may be incompatible with integrated DJI screens. Can anybody confirm or deny? If its possible to upload DD flightplans to the controller with the screen, how do we do it?


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That is correct.
Any Phantom 4 with the screen built in is unable to run anything besides that flight app.

If possible, send that drone back an exchange it for the standard P4 Pro.
The P4P is discontinued, so you will probably end up paying a marked up price for one.

Or another thing you could do is buy the P4P controller and bind your bird with it.

We are stuck with the same problem with the P4 RTK.
It comes with that god awful screen and a horrible flight app.

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I agree with getting another P4 RC and binding it. The P4RTK also has a new controller right @GregO?

Yup, But apparently on significant back order.

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Lol, I wonder why… Maybe they will learn a little something.


The only thing that is the major issue right now with having the standard P4 RTK controller, is I don’t know how you would connect to the D-RTK2 base?

Im assuming right now, but I havent heard of any flight app out there right now besides the DJI RTK app, that allows you to use the RTK portion of the P4 RTK.
You could always just PPK with any other flight app i guess.

Yep, that is a major oops. I think you are better off running PPK anyhow. I wonder if anyone has figured out how to side-load the app? Can you report the Android version?

I don’t even know how to check what android version it is.
The screen is extremely limiting in what you can do.

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Have you ever looked into DJI Terra? I think Greg has had some success with it. I have run the software myself and while I don’t have a P4RTK I can say that it looks very functional, but it also looks like one of those softwares that will take a little bit of time to get comfortable to navigate.

Ive heard of it, but never tried it.
I have a lifetime Pix4d License and the Enterprise Drone Deploy license…
I dont know if I could justify another license purchase lol

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I am here, late to the party but I am here. It has been a beautiful day of flying.

I have the P4RTK with the controller w/built in screen and I have the P4RTK SDK controller.

Neither work with DD at this time. The SDK uses the DJI GS Pro, which can connect to the RTK base. The SDK controller also works with Litchi and works well, no side loading or wired steps, just install and fly.

The RTK controller works with DJI Terra, version 2.0.2. The later version is having a bug with setting the home point location, it sets it 2.5 km to the east, oops. Your drone will fly 2.5km to the west to start the mission. Sad because v 2.0.5 has a badass corridor mission, it makes a 5 mile flight into mini missions automatically with proper overlaps. But I can’t use it.

I need to figure out if I can OTG connect the SDK controller to a laptop so I can use Terra on it.

DD is supposed to be working on getting the SDK controller working with DD, should be fairly easy. @Adam_Carp, you see what I did there!

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Ya, were eagerly awaiting for the RTK controller to allow DD.
Hopefully the DD app has all the functionality that the current DJI GS app has, but only better.
I dont even want to admit to how long it took me to figure out how to resume a mission lol


DJI Terra is the best option for the P4 RTK controller

OK Just to follow up on this, we got a new the handset controller without a screen which should be able to link across to our existing Phantom 4 Pro

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