DroneDeploy for Phantom 4 RTK SDK Controller

Now that the Phantom 4 RTK SDK controller is available to purchase do we know if it can be used with DroneDeploy? If not do we have any time-frame on when DroneDeploy will be compatible with the Phantom 4 RTK?

Hi @Catie_Bruno,

Currently we do not have a time-frame on when DroneDeploy will be compatible with the phantom 4 RTK controller. With any kind of feature requests we generally need to see many users requesting it. Happy to tag this as a feature request though so that our product managers may see this. Thanks for the question!

I’m waiting on DD to get it working on the P4 RTK SDK Controller

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You can add me to the list of users anxious/eager to see the P4-RTK controller compatibility!

Add me to that list also, We need DD on the P4-RTK also

Our company would also be eager to use DD with the new controller.

I too would like to see DD on Phantom 4 RTK…

Are there any new updates with this?

I’m supposed to be getting mine tomorrow, so hopefully by Wednesday I will testing it and working with DD in any issues I find.

I was at the DD Conf last week and talked with some of the DD Engineers and Higher ups in pushing for the RTK controller. Now that DJI released the Multispectrum RTK version DJI and DD are working together.

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Sounds great, definitely let me know how it goes and if it works using the base station as well. Thank you!

Hi Greg,
were you able to do any testing?

I have the controller and I will be setting it up today. Hopefully I will get some testing tomorrow.

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It looks like I got the P4RTK Drone, D-RTK 2 Base Station and the DJI Phantom 4 RTK SDK Controller all linked together correctly. I was able to login into DroneDeploy and it was able to see the drone was connected.

Test time tomorrow if I can get some time away from my project (waiting on my FAA wavier to finalize for that site).

But it does look promising. I will have to figure out how to enable the RTK to use it in DD.


No joy!

There are a few issues with the DD communicating with the P4RTK drone.

  • No RTK options, enable/disable
  • Can’t set Lat/Long/Elevation for RTK base station
  • No Live View (on IPad) for the SDK controller
  • And it will not do a Programed flight, can’t get past the Camera check, says the controller needs to be in P mode (it was)

I have sent this list of issues into DD so they can start working on a solution.

DD actually takes the single photo while on the ground so the issue is the next step after the camera check.

Guess it’s time to read up on the DJI Software Development Kit software to see what code needs to be called for the SDK controller and the RTK base station

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Hi Greg,
Thank you for testing it out, I figured it was a no-go. Hopefully soon it will be! It would be nice to not have two drones at all times when flying with the RTK.

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@AlexHennessey and @Erika_Houseman has escalated it to the flight team!

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