Phantom 4 + V2.0 Built-in Screen

Hello everybody. Have anybody tried if drone deploy works on Phantom 4 + V2.0 Built-in screen?

Phantom was not allowing the 3rd party applications on built-in screen but as i heard now it does. Did anybody tested it?

Thank you.

Greetings from Turkey

Welcome @Alper_geodrone. Unfortunately the version of Android that is on the + controller does not allow for third-party apps to be installed so it is not supported. You can get a regular controller and link it to your existing drone and then use DroneDeploy with one of these supported devices in this list.

Hello Michael.

I bought a built-in screened P4 + V2.0 before new year. At that time it was not allowing 3rd party apps so i changed it whit a controller without screen.

but at beginnig of april, i asked DJI if the situation changed or not, here is the reply;

“Regarding your email, I was able to coordinate this to our Engineers and yes, you can install some third-party software but we cannot ensure the remote controller is compatible with all software. Please try it with yourself as we do not have a tutorial for the third party app and confirm that cannot run any other flight control software like dronedeploy. The remote controller with built -in-screen only allows controlling fly by internal DJI GO 4 App.”

So i liked to learn if anybody can confirm that it Works or not. If it’s working i will rechange the controller.

thanks for that info. I think if you search the forum a little more you will find that there has not been any luck getting it to work. I think I have seen a couple of instances where people have jailbroken the OS and been able to get stuff on there, but dronedeploy doesn’t support it so user beware.

Not all P4 Integrated Screen Controllers are the same. The P4P v2 has HDMI, USB output etc. The P4RTK has no output.