Phantom 4 Pro RTK and NTRIP

I am thinking about getting the SDK remote for the Phantom 4 Pro RTK and using with an IPAD. Can anyone confirm whether or not that Drone Deploy is compatible with NTRIP? Will I be able to setup NTRIP in Drone Deploy?

No, there is no interface with NTRIP in DroneDeploy. I haven’t see anyone use the SDK RC with DroneDeploy, but I would assume you would do all your normal GNSS configuration in DJI and then just run the DroneDeploy mission. I assume you are trying to use RTK instead of PPK?

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Yes I am running RTK not PPK. The entire reason for getting the SDK remote is so you don’t have to use the internal monitor and GS RTK mapping app. The kicker though is that in that app you setup and connect to NTRIP. I am not sure if you can use GS RTK and another mapping app at the same time.
Anyone else try this?


Unfortunately a side effect of the P4RTK’s build. You could PPK, but no other flight software besides DJI is capable of the RTK workflow yet and honestly probably won’t be with the way the GNSS systems are configured to be proprietary. It’s effectively the iPhone of the drone world.

I am still curious if you can configure your RTK connection in DJI and just leave it running in the background while DroneDeploy flies?

Any thoughts @GregO?


That’s the same I know.
You can use it, but only for the dji solutions. Waiting for it to be opened as well.

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I have both controllers for the P4 RTK (Crystal Sky and SDK). Unfortunately DD does not currently support either. I was told today they are working on a getting the SDK controller integrated into DD sometime this year, I keep pushing for it.

@MichaelL, to answer your question, no you can not run DD on the SDK controller. It goes throught the process of checking the camera then aborts out. It’s a simple fix with the RTK SDK API calls out on the internet. Now that DJI is using the RTK on the Multispectrual Drone they are having to deal with it. There was never a big enough community for the original RTK to add the support.

DJI Terra (v 2.0.4) is still the best option for the DJI RTK. There was a bug on later releases that set the Home Point 2.5km to the east. I think they may have fixed it on the 2.1.3 versaion but I haven’t updated everything yet to test it out.

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Dji Terra is too expensive for us at the moment. One Programm needs to be goof enough for the beginning.
But will somehow figure it out.

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You can design missions and fly missions with DJI Terra for free. The fee based part of DJI Terra is the back-end processing aka what DroneDeploy does.

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Ah ok, haven’t heard that before. Very good point and I’ll have a look.
What you think about the flight planning compared to DD? Some advantages or disadvantages?

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DJI Terra vs DD, they both have there plus and minuses.

I fly a lot of rivers and DD’s Linear Flight is crap compared to DJI Terra. Terra’s Corridor flight plan allows you to set the left and the right (separately) how many paths lines from the center line. So I can fly say 200’ left of center and 50’ right of center. Then I can plan a 15 mile flight by centerline and DJI Terra will break the flight down into multiple missions based on a length that you set. This length can be used for line of sight constraints or the need to reposition the base station, etc. It will automatically create a proper overlap between the two mission with interlocking flight path so you are not wasting time by reflying the same area.

As for traditional topo mapping they are about the same as any other. DJI Terra allows me to fly via my laptop, this allows me a bigger screen to view the flight status vs the crystal sky little monitor.

When I fly with the SDK Controller I can use DJI Ground Station Pro and it’s similar to DD and the rest of them. I use a 12.9 iPad with the SDK controller.

I find flight planning on a laptop a lot easier than on a tablet or the crystal sky (way to small with big fingers)

I keep pushing DD to move forward and to improve the product because one day I would like to use only one app (I know it will never happen lol).


Thank you very much! I’ll have a look into it :+1:t2:

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So is it a possibility that DroneDeploy could be used someday with the SDK controller? Or is it just a pie-in-the-sky hope that the P4RTK will be compatible?

@MichaelL, Jon (your DD Rep) said the other day they are working on the SDK controller and should be out this year.

DD can easily add the RTK controllers since DJI released the software SDK about six months ago.

Currently the RTK controller is unrecognized and you can’y even begin the DD flight, it fails right off the bat. The SDK controller makes it all the way past the camera check and then fails, like 1 or 2 steps before being able to fly the mission when you start a flight.

@Adam_Carp or @Andrew_Fraser or @Anya , might be able to chime in and give a better status update.


Is DJI Terra working with SDK controller?

No, with the SDK controller you would use Ground Station Pro (GSP). I use GSP on a iPad Pro 12.9, which makes it a lot easier to design a mission vs the little Crystal Sky screen.

WARNING: DJI Terra 2.0.3 and greater has issues (at least with my RTK drone) where it thinks the Home Point location is 2.5 KM to the east of where it actually is. I use 2.0.2 an it works fine but in the later releases there are some really nice upgraded features in Terra, that I don’t get to use.

DJI Terra 2.0.2 has a really nice structure mission setup. You draw your mission (NADIR) and it will create four additional missions (OBLIQUE) of the same defined area flying at four different directions (ex: N,S,E,W base on mission pathing) in the oblique flights the camera never changes direction for that flight, so the drone moves back and fourth and sideways while the camera stays pointing the same direction. This allows you to get a lot more imagery of the subject matter.

I had a conference call yesterday with our DD Rep and hammered on him about getting the DJI RTK drone controllers working with DD.


Thank you for sharing your experience. Is anybody using P4 RTK with D-RTK base?
I’ve got not proper result for Z. It is about 0.4m out. X and Y really good. From DJI forum I figured out I need to add rod height to control point elevation in GS RTK. It is about 1.802m.
What is your workflow?
Thank you in advance.

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You are 0.4m after entering the 1.802m offset? Are you on NTRIP as well or are you entering the known point values? The elevation between the two could very easily be different.

yes, 0.4m after adding 1.802. The base set up on known point measured with Topcon(within 2cm).

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…and you are entering the Topcon lat/lon/GPS height? Or are you faking in the point height converted to meters?

Do you know the offset between the Ellipsoid and Geoid in your area?

I did test it with PIX4D as well and I’ve got better result.
I used the same images \flight.

ps, sorry I posted wrong picture.