DJI P4 RTK with DD

I am a Surveyor using P4 pro with I pads for survey for a couple of years now. Flight planning all done on DD and is excellent with fantastic product. About to purchase the P4 RTK but am hesitant due to issues with the use of 3rd party apps such as DD. I cant find any positive reviews for the DJI app and not sure if DD is usable with the P4 RTK. Can anyone help

The P4RTK is not yet on the list of supported devices, but you can use GSPro and submit those images as usual. Unless you are doing PPK. That’s another story.

Yes, it works perfectly uploading to DD, they have the camera profile in there, and you do not need to turn on lens distortion correction, DJI recommends you leave it off. If you want to tie it in to a coordinate system other than standard WGS84, you need a business subscription. The app is basically GS Pro modified for the P4R, but it works well, you can import KML, etc.

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I’m in the same boat as original poster- surveyor holding off on P4P RTK purchase until I can use DD. Any update on when support for this drone may be added. I seem to recall seeing an email a few months ago from DJI saying the SDK which allowed external app control had been released?

Has anyone tried installing it? The last firmware apparently opened the sandbox.