DJI Phantom 4 RTK in PPK processing after RTK fly

Hi all,

I am currently testing Phantom 4 RTK and Pix4Dmapper.

Due to the unsatisfactory result of drone RTK survey processed on Pix4D, I am wandering is it possible to reprocess the RTK result with PPK method?

Like recalculating the Rinex.obs from the P4 RTK by PPK procedureā€¦

Any information / how to do it will be very appreciate, thank you :grinning:

Making sure @GregO sees this. From what I have heard you couldnā€™t get the PPK logs when flying RTK, but he might have figured it out. Good luck!

Yes you can process PPK using the files from the P4RTK.

YCLU is asking for details not just existence. Please give him a step-by-step to help get him going.


When running in RTK mode? The manual says to turn it off?

You can turn off RTK and then fly the mission. It will save the files on the SD card on the P4. Then he can process the files using the How To using RTKLib that is posted in this forum.

That is what I thought. I think the OP flew in RTK mode. I understood that you couldnā€™t use PPK if that was the case?

Hi all,
Thank you for your answers, I think it is impossible to do PPK after a RTK flight.

Iā€™ll reach out to some resources and report back.