Problematic Flight

Not sure what happened here. I am using newest version of app, and firmware. During the flight, the P3 seemed to skip an entire pass over the site. It seemed to be flying a little crazy, so I hit the return to home button and called it quits for that day. Can someone look up my flight record? It was moderately windy, so it might have been wind, but I had flown in much stronger wind and it seemed to be fine.


just saw v6 was uploaded, I was using previous version

We can look at the logs to see how it was flying and let you know if we’ve seen anything like that before.

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Hi Riley,

Can you send me the flight id or link to the flight log page for this flight?

I am looking for a flight id… Where do I find the number?

It’s easiest to just send the link after you click on the flight log or map for that flight.

Nobody else can access it from the forum so you should be able to post it here.

That does look like something went wrong. The wind can sometimes cause it to go a bit off course but what you saw seems to be something else. We don’t have anything in our log that tells us why. I think we could probably add some sort of warning or even auto RTL if we are ever way off course.

Sounds like a good idea. I figured that the map wouldn’t work, so I just manually hit the home button on the app. Ill give it another shot soon. Thanks for all you do!