Problem with DD and Litchi

I posted this on Commercial drone forum and it was suggested I post it here, so yes I’m new to this site but not new to Drone Deploy.
I was flying a mapping mission that I fly every week, but this time I lost complete control of the drone, meaning hitting RTH on the iPad or attempting to disengage DD on the iPad would not work, I regained control by hittine RTH on the transmitter.
Came back landed, shut everything down, iPad, transmitter, and drone. Restarted the mapping mission and it performed flawlessly. So what happened, I had flown a way point mission with Litchi just prior to flying the mapping. I had closed out Litchi, at least I thought I did.
Curious had to figure out what happened, so I flew a litchi mission, closed out the app and then started a DD mission, same thing.
Bottom line is if you fly a litchi mission prior to flying a DD mission, shut everything down, turn off the iPad, Transmitter, and Drone and restart then DD works as it should.
Also, is anyone knows how to do a core dump on the iPad I would really like to know.


Welcome R, good to see you in here!
Just a note that I’ve changed the Category of your post. “General” is somewhat broken on this forum and sometimes gets lost. Your post is about Flight anyway.